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Poetic Thoughts…

So awesome. I just love these Haikus shared here…check out her blog. Beautiful photos, light hearted posts. So lovely.

Loving Leisure Time

“Poetry is the robe, the royal apparel, in which truth asserts its divine origin”

— Beecher


Sublime royal blue-

giving thanks and gratitude

sincere and heartfelt…



September 2015

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Sharing Courage through Premier

As a Premier Designs Independent Jeweler since the last week of January 2015 and a Customer for several years, this blog post warms my heart and Encourages me. ,

Premier Designs, Inc. Blog

Jeweler Paige DiScenza did not know the effect one Jewelry Show would have on dozens of women with chronic illnesses. After Debby Hansard, from Canton Georgia, attended her show in November of 2014, they both learned the power of kindness and courage, and created an amazing support group for women who needed it most.

Debby battles with short bowel syndrome, a chronic illness that requires her to have an IV every night for 10 hours. She has found support through a Facebook group consisting of people with this rare illness.

She said she went to her friend’s show to be polite and did not plan to do much shopping. While flipping through the catalog, Debby came across a bracelet that was different from her usual taste in jewelry, and she couldn’t get it out of her mind. It was the Premier Designs Courage Bracelet.

“I kept going back to the…

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