It’s His Birthday

I can remember Dr. Seuss books as far back as my earliest school memories.  I’ve just recently begun to see how Spirital he really was.  If you read with expectation for encouragement like Jesus would extend, you’ll really be amazed.  Happy Birthday!

These vinyl words above my door put me in mind of Phil. 4:13, ‘I can do all things through Chrdit who strengthens me’!

This child, Jacob is the oldest of 3 of some friends of ours.  His Dr. Seuss ensemble is a great way to celebrate such a great birthday!  The wording in the below photo really speaks to Jacob’s school uniform today!

When my youngest was a kindergarten student I was able to dress up like Cat in the Hat and spend the day at school, reading to all the classes and playing all day!  What fun!

See below, we’ve been blessed by God who created us with a free will and choices.  Use your brain, your heart as it listens to His leading, guidance & as wisdom while you point your feet in the right direction and hit the ground running with great abandon!



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