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  I’m having an awesome time walking in this 52 Week Devo from Margaret Feinberg, oh, I do highly recommend you get into it.  Simple truths, light reading, power packed.  Plus, included is the newest thing since childhood to sweep the world, yes, you guessed it, Coloring…Oh my, I’m loving this!  

I invited a friend, Bonnie, to join me right away when I got my copy & she did, then another friend, Amy, we invited had already been praying for something just like this.  All 3 of us are very excited about it!  Plans are to meet weekly however I created an exclusive fb group just for us to post in just in case we’re unable to physically meet.  Technology allows for so many of our varied schedules to keep us on track.  I do believe this technology we have today is a tremendous gift for our Father God, to greater further His kingdom.

Won’t you join us?  Get your own copy at Amazon, very reasonable.  Oh, I made the 3 of us Journals, similar to the 1 in the photos.  Go to Flourish Partymob on Facebook to get in with a load of ladies all coming together…plus use the hashtag #flourishdevo every time you post about it, that way everyone can see your posts.  This is a good thing sweeping the globe.
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