Southern Life

Southern Life

I found a friend on facebook a year or so ago and since then we’ve developed a bit of a relationship.  Patricia Neely-Dorsey is a true Poet, speaker, positive advocate for Mississippi and great personality.  I asked her to be my Guest on here in allowing me to share a few of her Poems.  Please read, enjoy and share, but most of all contact her for her books, 2 printed at this time with 1 in the works.


Calm Our Hearts, Lord!

Calm Our Hearts, Lord!

(given to Jennie Heberg

By the Lord – 4/12-13/10)


Calm our hearts, Lord!

Spread Your soft, willowy blanket

Of calm over us!

Set us down at Your feet.

Fill us with Your presence.

Set us down in the field of Your presence.

I celebrate the stillness of Your presence

In the fragrance of Your anointing

As in a field of daffodils

Like a great ray of sunshine!

As I sit here in the presence

Of the Lover of my soul

He causes me to be still and know,

To know He knows my every thought

To know He knows my every desire.

He has created me to be a calming voice,

A calming presence, one to show others His calm!

Calm our hearts, Lord!

Come Away With Me To A Secret Place

Come Away With Me To A Secret Place

Jennie Heberg  


Secret Place

Come away with Me

To a Secret Place

Where we’ll walk and talk

In My garden of grace.

There I’ll tell you things

You’ve been longing to hear

That you can use as you would a spear

To set captives free from all their fear.


Come away with Me

To a Secret Place

Let’s sit together

And enjoy Paradise.

There are many jewels

I have there for you

Jewels of wisdom,

Of knowledge and grace.

With these jewels I show you

You’ll be able to bring joy to My children’s face.


Come away with Me

To a Secret Place

Where we’ll walk and talk

In My garden of grace.

I’ll show you gems

That will give you the words

To assist others in their race.

Keep your eye on the prize

And see My hand as I demonstrate

The power of the Holy Spirit with ease and grace.


Come away with Me

To a Secret Place

Where I’ll give you the keys

You’ve been searching for.

When you walk the path of everyday life’

There’ll be a flow of the Holy Spirit

Others will desire without strife.

The jewels and gems you’ve found

Will turn even the hardest hearts around.


Come away with Me

To My Secret Place.

Cleansing Streams

Cleansing Streams

Thank You, Lord, for

This cleansing stream

Pouring over me!

Lord, I give my all

Into Your hands.

Thank You for Your

Cleansing streams.

I love You Lord

And look to You

To pour over me

Your cleansing streams

Over and over and over again!

Thank You, Lord for

Your cleansing stream!

Here in this house

You’ve filled the air

With Your Cleansing Stream!

by: Jennie Heberg (March 2011)

cleansing streams

Childhood Dreams

April 29, 2013 (original date 1st posted)

Childhood Dreams

As we grow older,
some would say ‘mature’.
Have we let our childhood dreams smolder?
The place to find them
is in the heart for sure.
For God has locked this Treasure in our heart,
His desire is we’d unlock them
and place them on His shoulder.
It is only then that we will start to see
our Childhood Dreams begin to mature.
by: Jennie Heberg (4/29/13)